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As preparation to the projectweek we will give a webinars on the 9th of January in which the student counsellors explained the 'profielen'.


15 January

This morning, the mentors and career councelors of seven HAVO and VWO classes kicked off the project regarding profile choice. The students sat ready in the auditorium with green and red cards to investigate their position. Many students wanted to choose the most interesting profile, some the profile with the most options, and some the profile that their parents want them to choose. Talk to your child about this!


In the afternoon, under the supervision of their mentors, they were allowed to investigate which studies fit the different profiles and where they could possibly be followed. This means that some students are already a bit ahead of themselves, but it shows how committed and motivated many are. Their findings can be viewed on Thursday in the various glossies that the classes produce, with each student making a page of their own class.


Which profile suits them and which talents and interests are associated with it? Is there any tension between them? These are the questions the students will answer tomorrow. Tell us about your career. Perhaps some students can be reassured that whatever the choice is, all options remain open. We will keep you posted!

See magazine of:


16 January

Today marked the second day of our profile choice project. The focus of the day was on exploring individual talents, and one of the tools we used was the 16 Personalities test. Perhaps you'd find it interesting to give it a try too (see button below this message). Towards the end of the day, all students worked on their personal coat of arms, a project due tomorrow. In this artwork, they symbolize their talents, favorite subjects, and the profile they are considering choosing.

Tomorrow, we'll delve into researching different subjects, and upperclassmen will join us for interviews. Overall, it was another successful and enjoyable day. Thanks for providing the laptops and iPads; it greatly facilitated our activities.


17 January

Today, the students gained more insights into the subjects offered in the upper years. They learned about distinctions like 'economics' versus 'business economics.' Various art subjects such as CKV, KUA, KUBV, and KUDR were also explored. Hopefully, they now understand that choosing biology in the VWO track may be more beneficial with the inclusion of chemistry, given the substantial chemistry content in biology.

We delved into upper-level math problems to help students form a clearer picture of subjects like Math A, B, and D. However, numerous questions still linger. To address these, upper-year teachers will visit tomorrow, providing an opportunity for students to browse through upper-year textbooks. After the theoretical part of the afternoon, students engaged in interviewing upperclassmen. Beyond casual gossip, they asked insightful questions, as depicted in the brief impression below.

Tomorrow, we will assess the feasibility of the students' intended course packages and facilitate discussions with subject teachers. Additionally, students will present their ideas to parents and mentors during the gathering in their classrooms at 3:30 PM. You are warmly invited to join from that time onwards to witness what your child has been working on this week. Please refer to the schedule below to find your child's location.

H3a- 201

H3b - 202

H3c - 203

V3a - 204

V3b - 205

HVN3a - 206

HVN3b - 207

All of these rooms are on the 2nd floor!


18 January

On Thursday, the students critically assessed their subject choices, considering whether these decisions would propel them into the next academic year. They went a step further by examining whether, if their current grades were their final exam results in the graduation year, they would successfully pass. Some students realized that opting for a different type of mathematics might be more practical. Additionally, a few engaged in discussions with the guidance counselors to share and discuss their considerations.

After about an hour, the upper-year teachers joined, creating a lively atmosphere in the hallways. Here, students had the opportunity to pose questions about upper-year subjects and review textbooks, enhancing their understanding of the courses. Once the upper-year teachers departed, it was time to transform and prepare the classroom for the parents. Students showcased what they had accomplished throughout the week, presenting their projects and delivering pitches with the assistance of a letter they had written as their final project assignment. This letter will also serve as the basis for the ILP (Individual Learning Plan) discussion. If all went well, the students should have no additional homework (for the project) for tomorrow. They now have a clearer idea of the profile they wish to choose.

A heartfelt thank you to all the parents who took the time to attend our presentation today. Your presence and support meant a lot to both the students and the staff involved in the profile choice project. Your interest in your child's academic journey is truly appreciated.

For those parents who couldn't make it, we understand that schedules can be demanding. We kindly encourage you to engage in a conversation with your child at home regarding the profile selection. The insights gained during this project are valuable, and your guidance in this decision-making process is crucial. Feel free to discuss the projects, the ideas, and the aspirations your child shared during the presentation.

17 January


On Friday, all students had class sessions with the student counselor. During these meetings, they entered their preliminary subject choices into Zermelo, our scheduling system. Until February 15, students have the flexibility to make adjustments to their choices. In case they misplace their login credentials, mentors have access to the codes, or students can use the password recovery option to generate a new password.

From now on we are in the process of reviewing all the subject packages, ensuring that class sizes are adequate for the selected subjects and checking for any students with unique combinations. If such cases arise, proposals for alternative subject packages will be discussed during the upcoming ILP (Individual Learning Plan) meetings.

Thank you to both students and parents for your active participation throughout this profile choice project. Your collaboration is vital in ensuring that each student's academic journey aligns with their aspirations and goals. If there are any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

And remember: 


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