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Rainbow Cubes




As preparation to the projectweek we have given webinars on the 10th of January in which the student counsellors explained the 'profielen'.


16 January

After a thrilling kick of in the aula we started researching different courses that might interest students after their time at HLML using information sites as

We discovered  there are a lot of interesting courses after havo/vwo no matter what profile you have as long as you are good at it!

As a class the students made a magazine to show what we've found about those courses. On Thursday we will present the magazines to the parents. 

HOMEWORK students: finish jilster page

HOMEWORK parents: help your child, discus the profiles again


17 January

Today we will research ourselves. Each student did the 16 personalities test to find out their personaltity and the strengths and weaknesses that go with it.

Afterwards they made a personal coat of arms to represent their skills, talents and favourite subjects. This coat of arms will be presented in class to the parents on Thursday. 

HOMEWORK: finish the coat of arms


18 January

Today during the 5th period the student did a quick quiz on their knowledge of the upper level subjects. Some knew a lot, but some thing still have to be checked (please check out the information sites H3 an V3 subjects about this). 

They also prepared questions for bovenbouw students. During the 6th period 4,5,6 grades talked to them about the differences between 'onderbouw' and 'bovenbouw' and answered all question they had. 

No it's up to making a decision. Tonight all students will discuss their choice at home and prepare question that they still might have for 'bovenbouw' teachers. So that tomorrow we can check if this a wise choice... Did they really choose their 'pretpakket'

HOMEWORK: fill in form + make questions for teachers


19 January

After checking the chosen profile (would I pass my exams or not) the 'bovenbouw' teacher came to our wing (2nd floor) to answer all questions and to show the books for the upper levels. Questions like 'How important is chemistry if I chose Biology?'  or 'What is the difference between CKV an beeldende vorming?' were being answered. 

After that we prepared the classroom for the visits of parents. The students showed their coat of arms from Tuesday, and the 'opleidingen' magazine from Monday. Some even dared to do the pitch in front of everybody. We thank all the parents who took the time to come and pay a visit. For all the parents that weren't able to come. Don't worry. Ask your child for the materials. They received all. The magazines you can also download here:.

H3a - magazine

H3b - magazine

H3c - magazine

H3d - magazine

V3a - magazine

V3b - magazine

V3c - magazine

The upcoming weeks will be thinking time before they make their final choice. 

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